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Eisberg is cool because…
Whatever food you choose to savour, a Tesco wine will enhance the flavour
Tesco display their A, B, Cs and 1,2,3s, making sure each partnership agrees
To wine and dine is just divine, with Tesco value every time 
The reason is quite elementary, their qualities are so complimentary 
Eisberg is cool because…
It's the taste sensation with no limitation 
I would recommend Somerfield Italian Valpolicella to be served with…  
A saucy Italian lasagne sensation, together they deserve a standing ovation 
I'd like to walk in the Napa valley because…  
Where sun, soil, vines and flair, produce wines extraordinaire 
I would like to win a "check it out" selection of top wines because…  
With check it out's choice, the quality's fine. And the very top price? Just four ninety nine! 
I would recommend Chateau le Clariot to be served with…  
This sensational wine deserves mouthwatering food, chicken glazed in honey and barbecued 
Blue Nun is my favourite wine for any occasion because…  
Delicious memories linger on, long after the guests have gone 
Every sip's a celebration, complementing any occasion 
Family lunch, formal dinner - the vintage flavour is a winner 
Formal, informal, business or leisure, its crispness ensures consistent pleasure 
It always lifts you up and never lets you down 
It can be offered with confidence and accepted with pleasure 
It is versatile and popular, perfect wine time after time 
It makes life richer for the pourer 
The superior quality and taste make it compulsive habit 
This wine from the Rhine, is perfect every time 
I would recommend Somerfield Cabernet Sauvignon Vin de Pays D'oc to be served with… 
Steak au Poivre and French bread compliment this earthy red 
The ideal occasion to celebrate with Henkell Trocken would be…  
Every Friday, because seven days without Henkell makes one weak! 
Family party or intimate liaison, Henkell Trocken fits any occasion 
I would like to discover German wine with the German travel service because…  
Luxurious flavour, quality that's rare, bouquets rivaling sweetest Rhine air 
I would recommend Florida Somerfield Baden Dry to be served…  
Lunch al fresco, wurst with rye, tastes wunderbar, with Baden Dry 
Hugh Johnson widens the world of wines because…  
His nose for adventure assures perfection, the new Wine Atlas will inspire selection

Geography and history become a pleasure, the tasting to be sampled at your leisure 

He makes life richer for the pourer 
What Johnson selects, the expert respects 
I purchase my Bulgarian Reserve wines at Sainsbury's because…  
To 'summit' all up, their range is tops
When I'm 'on the piste', I insist on 'off-peak' prices
Always keep some E&J Gallo wines in your home because…
They make life richer for the pourer
I enjoy Bordeaux/Bordeaux Superieur because...
From starters through to cheeses, it's the wine that really pleases
They are classic wines for every season, enjoyable. affordable, what better reason
French wine from Sainsbury's is 'magnifique' because…
Its true value is perfect pleasure smooth rich quality beyond measure
Drink for the gods. heavenly wine, at down to earth prices the pleasure is mine
Every bottle comes to your table with a wealth of experience behind its label
Fine wine and price in perfect combination, make Sirius wine a must for every occasion
Finest grapes matured with loving care make Sirius L'Experience beyond compare
For clarets of class it remains inexpensive, some classified growths 'will be on the defensive'
For taste for price, for fruit for nose, Sirius really is Quelque chose
Full smooth red or oaky dry white, a star from Bordeaux, priced just right
I always buy the best, and for quality and value Sirius beats the rest
If after one bottle we're feeling Moorish, several more won't make us poorish!
It bridges the gap between eating and dining
It has the taste of extravagance at an everyday price
It is a taste of heaven at a down to earth price
It's a fine quality wine to complement all courses, without draining my resources
It's a heavenly taste at a down to earth price
It's the closest some people will get to heaven
Its quality is worth the price - cheaper wines don't taste as nice
Lingering tastes of fresh country air, luxurious flavour, quality that's rare
lt's velvety, ruby tastes of spice, violets, blackcurrants, cheap at the price
Sirius is an epicurean invitation, to forget about inflation
Sirius turns any occasion into a celebration
So reasonable priced, of heavenly fame, its star-like quality will always remain
Such a fine wine at such a reasonable price? You cannot be Sirius!
The wine's divine but the price is down to earth
They all come pouring for Sirius wine, the price is fine for the taste divine
When buying wine, leave nothing to chance, an affordable luxury is Sirius from France!
When value for money is a must, Sirius wine we all can trust
Whether white wine or red, every bon vivant knows, that Sirius wines are 'star' Bordeaux'
With inspiration, traditional care, Sirius complements all manner of fare
With Sirius, it does not cost the earth to get a taste of heaven
You don't need to be a serious drinker to be a Sirius drinker
I prefer the wines of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur because…
They are Beautiful Original, Robust yet Delicate, Exceptionally Aromatic, Usually Xceptional, Sometimes Unusual but Perfectly Elegant, Rarely Improvable, Otherwise Remarkable
It solves all problems, answers all questions and meets all challenges
They are subtle and fine with an elegant flavour, a delicate bouquet with a taste I can savour
Sirius chose a Renault Clio as the car to win because…
Stylish and elegant, whatever the course - ideal qualities for Sirius to endorse
The Languedoc-Roussillon is the most exciting wine area in the world because…
New technology and thinking work in harmony with tradition
Every bottle brings the warm spice of the French Mediterranean sun
It blends new world exuberance with traditional French elegance
It combines new world skills with old world innovation
Long tradition and Mediterranean sun conspire, creating scintillating new wines
Mediterranean sun grows fruit so fine, producing most superior wine
Old world tradition is subtly enhanced by new world innovation
Pretentious jargon? Guru 'wine speak? Non - 'pour' Languedoc-Roussillon - 'say' magnifique!
Sun soaked grapes, aromatic vines, simply produce the finest wines
The Mediterranean sun produces wines that are second to none
The southern sun is caught in every bottle
Val d'Orbieu is what we seek, stands alone - c'est magnifique
You can sip exciting crus, amid sunflowers and coastal views
I would recommend Somerfield Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon to be served with…
My husband – a full bodied forty two, romantic picnic lunch well overdue!
My perfect accompaniment to Safeway wine because…
A few good friends, simple fare, highlighting quality that's beyond compare
A simple meal prepared with flair, enhancing a vin never ordinaire
Congenial company, first class meal, with Safeway's selection setting the seal
Lively music, a Safeway' 5 platter, lots of friends and lots of chatter
I know I can trust the Blue Nun name because…
Consistent quality every bottle I buy in German or French style, sweet crisp or dry
Choose a wine and describe its taste…
A bold, bouncing bread and butter pudding taste
A light fruit sorbet on a bed of fresh heather
Apricot nose - dry and spicy, Safeway value - rich not pricey
Sultry hedgerows, tart with berries, apple wood smoke, dog rose cherries
The scent of fresh toast and tang of apples
Youthful exuberance, confident nose, oodles of black cherries, blackberries, sloes
Sainsbury's range of Corbieres wines are ideal for every meal occasion because…
Family dinner or candlelit meal, it's Sainsbury's Corbieres that set the seal
Corbieres warming glow and delicate blends, embraces diners to become good friends
Every little pommes de terre, seems to whisper Corbieres
Family lunch or romantic liaison, these versatile wines will enhance the occasion
Family lunch or special occasion, Corbieres wines deserve an ovation
For picnics, lunch, barbecues or dinners, Corbieres wines are pleasing winners
Gourmet dinner or family invasion, Corbieres wines make the perfect occasion
Intimate soiree or family celebration, Sainsbury's and Corbieres make a corking combination
People of taste need no persuasion, Corbieres from Sainsbury's – a perfect liaison
Whatever the food, whatever the taste, Corbieres wines have got it cased
Whatever your cuisine, trad or nouvelle, Sainsbury's Corbieres harmonise well
Sirius is an affordable luxury because…
Wise men travel from near and far, to discover Bordeaux's brightest star
A glass of Sirius. good friends and laughter, provide memories to cherish for ever after
Both complex red and fresh clean white, irresistible quality at a price that's right
C'est evident, Le President
For good claret it costs less than most, it renders cru classe reluctant to boast
I can quaff like a toff. without selling the Van Gogh!.
It gives a professional appeal, to my home cooked meal
It pays to be Serious about Sirius
It's a star that doesn't cost the earth
It's beyond your dreams - but within your means
Its quality is worth the price - cheaper wines don't taste as nice
Quality and price make the perfect equation, no need to wait for a special occasion
Smooth red wine, dry oaky white, Sirius perfection at a price that's right
Sumptuously smooth, delectably drinkable any other would be unthinkable
What a cheeky bouquet and fabulous flavour, at £5.99 you really can't waiver
With heavenly body and universal appeal, it brings gastronomical richness to every meal
With Sichel technique that's totally new, the Sinus experience is Premier Cru
Consistent quality in every bottle I buy, full smooth red and white oaky dry
Fruity and full bodied, classic Bordeaux, it turns my semi into a French chateau
Grapes of distinction, expertly blended, mean magnificent wines as nature intended
It outclasses all wine at low-key prices, with masses of fine fruit, oaky spices
It's strong on taste, elegant, clean, what finer companion to finest cuisine
It's the brightest star in the cellar system
It's the perfect wine for every occasion, from candlelit dinner to family invasion
Sun, soil, hand and vine, all produce Sirius - a wonderful wine
The accents on bouquet, taste and clarity - simple quality explains its popularity
The serious drinker loves Sirius wine - great flavour, great value - ahead of its time
With Sirius on the label, who needs a wine list on the table?
I would like to win a collectors case of Chateau Palmer because…
A Sirius connoisseur of wine, knows Chateau Palmer tastes divine
It's a Sirius chance to get serious fine wine
It's a wine to savour today, or save for tomorrow
One bottle a mere taste, Sirius drinker needs a case
Sirius connoisseurs would not be palmed off with anything less
Sirius thinkers are connoisseur drinkers
I'd like to discover German wine because…
Uncorking this liquid golden treasure, would give me undiluted pleasure
Describe the occasion when you most enjoy a glass of wine…
End of day, children in bed, we deserve a medal- like VM Low's prize winning red!
I would enjoy a holiday in Languedoc-Roussillon because…
My old man says 'follow the vin' and we'll both dilly-dally in a vine-covered valley!
I'd like to win a Brown Brothers wine cellar because…
Aromatic Undeniably Superb Tasty Round Appetising Light Ideal Absolute Nectar!
By combining family tradition with bold innovations, this new world of wine exceeds even great expectations
Each luxurious label is a wonderful guide, to the promise of excellence waiting inside
I love Sauvignon, Shiraz is grape, chardonnay's got bottle, the Port is late, the Riesling is noble, Pizzini's thirst rate, my favourite is Muscat - I rest my case!
I'd love this cellar for my husband - not a bad swap!
I'm a girl who loves the finest wine that life can offer me, but living in a tiny flat means this prize could never be, 'cause I haven't got a cellar - 'oh no' you cry - it's true, but with 'The Brothers' in the attic, I'd be 'Brown' and never 'blue'!
From candle-lit dinners, to picnics al fresco, there's a perfect Brown Brothers wine now at Tesco
Romantic dinners or party invasion, Brown Brothers provides for every occasion
This Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get her guest a drink, alas and despair - a 'Browns' wasn't there and the rest went down the sink!
Wines for the discerning, a touch of class, the taste of Australia, captured in a glass
I like Krausen Keller German Wines because…
Elegant, refreshing, affordable price, my taste buds cruise to paradise
I'd like a break in the Moselle Valley because…
Breathtaking scenery seen by car, Going to Germany - Wunderbar
For ‘Sterling’ value, it’s full ‘Marks’
Oompah music, steins of bier, bratwurst, strudel and ‘festive’ cheer
I would like to visit South Africa because…
Helped by great wine and Nelson Mandela, South Africa is now a deserved best cellar
I love Blue Nun because…
Nature perfects it - Blue Nun selects it
I would like to win 72 bottles of Rosemount because…
Above 'Everage' quality; tastebuds rejoice, Rosemount - unlike Edna - is the cultured choice!
Acclaimed a winner in my house too, nothing else will didgeridoo
For a 'koalaty Christmas, Millennium too, only Rosemount will 'digeri-doo'
From starters to cheeses, Rosemount's Oz-pitality really pleases!
My Y.2.K celebrations deserve Rosemount wine, 2.KO imitations
I enjoy Shingle Peak Wine because…
Flavours from antipodean shores, Shingle Peak always reigns where it pours
Being always at the peak, their fine wines I seek
Body, bouquet, grapes of the best quality, high as the label suggests
By itself or with a meal, Shingle Peak has great appeal
California has its sunshine, France has its reputation, New Zealand has class in a wine
Delicious taste, reaching new heights, one sip away from paradise
Deliciously crisp and convivial fun, the more the Maorier I become
Especially at Christmas, it's jingle all the way
Every class contains the essence of New Zealand
Experts perfect it, wine lovers select it
Family celebration or intimate dinner, Shingle Peak wine is always a winner
Finest flavour without a doubt, one to trust, Shingle it out
Flavour filled for easy drinking, Shingle Peak, de-wine for sinking
For freshness and bouquet so fine, Shingle Peak delivers the finest wine
For the discerning, a touch of class, delights of New Zealand captured in a glass
For weddings, funerals, parties too, this vinest wine I offer you
Fragrantly fruity, complex yet refined, nobly New Zealand, excellence defined
Having tasted wine sublime I'm Shingle minded all the time
I can't say no to a rich, full smoothie
I enjoy good things in life
I like the New World wines for their full-bodied taste
I never drink cheap wine
It brings home the taste of New Zealand
It comes from the finest wine producing countries of the world
It embodies the taste of summer
It gives the New Zealand delight, please put me on that flight
It goes down grand wi' Yorkshire lamb
It has taste, it is top, Marlborough - my first stop
It is a prize-winning wine
It is bottled in Blenheim and I live in Blenheim Mews
It is consistently good
It is simply the best
It is the summit of modern wine making
It is the taste of New Zealand in a bottle
It pampers the palate, mellows the mood, and perfectly compliments fabulous food
It proves the New World is superb today
It reminds me of the warm New Zealand people
It takes me back to the halcyon days spent in New Zealand
It tastes great
It tastes like Sauvignon Blanc should, at a fair price
It was love at first sip from glass to lip
It's 'di wine' for every occasion, to summit up, sophistication
It's a wine that echoes its origin
It's a wine that entices at irresistible prices
It's class in a glass
It's delicious
It's fresh and full of flavour
It's Hakastic
It's New Zealand, it's best, and beats all the rest
It's rare to taste such paradise at such an excellent price
It's Shingularly good
It's simply a matter of taste
It's the height of good taste, the peak of perfection
It's the highest on my wine list
It's the taste that launched a thousand sips
It's the tops
It's zesty and exciting
Its clean, pure taste reflects New Zealand's image
Its flavour is the ultimate indulgence
Its from the Department of Enjoyment
Its great wine pure and simple
Its sheer brilliance reminds me of summer, whatever time of year
Makes my life richer for the pourer
Marlborough pedigree, value unique, give it that South Island excellence called
Shingle Peak
New Zealand wines are simply the best
New Zealand's only a sip away
Of its fresh and zingy taste
Of the flavour and smooth taste
One glass leaves me tingly, weak and supine
Quality and taste just shimmer through, especially when Victoria peaks into view
Shingle Peak leaves me weak, crisp and delicious, what a treat
Single and free it goes down well with me
Sipped with lunch, restores my punch, chilled with dinner, an absolute winner
Superb quality, crisp and inviting, to summit up it's fresh and exciting
Superior wine for business or leisure, enjoyable, affordable, consistent pleasure
Taste and aroma perfectly wed, is a grape way to discover New Zealand
The beauty of New Zealand comes out in the wine of Marlborough
The distinct flavour of New Zealand grapes floods my senses
The fruit of this wine reflects my good taste
The style and finesse are New Zealand's best
They are true New Zealanders, top quality at good value
They've turned great perfection into a great selection
This bottled kiwi sun is synonymous with fun
This neck collar prompted me to try, and once tried will always buy
To my lips its sweeter than wine
When I felt low after childbirth a glass made my day
Whenever wine lovers mingle and meet, the pleasure's enhanced by Shingle Peak
I enjoy drinking Jacob's Creek wine because…
Prospecting in Sainsbury's every week, I strike gold in Jacobs Creek
By dingo this Jacobs Creek gives me a fair tingle
Dorothy's the wizard of oz, Jacob's the fizz of oz
For the superb quality and flavours so true, only Jacobs Creek will 'didgeri-doo'
Fresh and fruity, thanks Mr Gramp, this Aussie beauty is the champ
It's temptingly tasty, home and away, no wonder the neighbours have a g'day
It's the best and fair dinkum, the others, don't drink 'em
Made its stamp on Aussie shores, but reigns supreme wherever it's poured
Never left up the creek, I always choose Jacobs Creek
The 'Ozpitable' drink for a 'didgerdoo', delicious, well balanced 'Ayres' to you
Whilst sipping Jacobs Creek sun and oak, dream of visiting Australian folk

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