OK, so you want to cut to the chase  and find the best sites for internet comping - here are my top ten suggestions. Whether you are completely new to internet comping or you have been online for a while I think you will find that all of these sites are well worth visiting:


1 - Loquax 


Loquax ( is a long established site, which has information on more comps than you can shake a stick at! You can access the information in several ways, including: latest information (updated daily), a comping diary (for comps closing soon), pick of the prizes, comping categories or the search facility on the site. It’s worth trying them all before you decide which you personally find the most user friendly. Loquax is packed with plenty of other useful features including comping resources, a tiebreaker section, entry tracking facility (useful to make sure you don’t disqualify yourself by entering more than once), discussion boards and a chat room. You can also sign up for a weekly newsletter so that details of some of the choicest internet comps will arrive regularly in your inbox.  

 2 - The Prizefinder 


The Prizefinder ( is another well established site which points you in the direction of plenty of comps. There are several ways to access the information including: by type of prize, daily, weekly and monthly comps, tiebreaker comps, new additions, closing soon and a search facility. The best thing is to experiment and find which suits you best. Again, you can sign up for a weekly newsletter so that comps arrive directly in your inbox - it even includes some answers too. The Prizefinder also hosts regular cash competitions.   


3 - Comps Org


Comps Org ( has lots of useful information, including details of internet and postcard comps, previous winning tiebreakers, forthcoming comping events, comping clubs and places where free postcards have been spotted. You can register with the site and contribute information if you wish. The site owner, Vicky often runs competitions, usually with a small prize awarded for every hour of the competition’s duration. 


4 - Compfinders 


Compfinders ( is an invaluable source of information for entry form comps – it tells you what comps are about, where to track down those elusive entry forms, what type of task is involved (if any) and whether any purchase is needed.


5 - Competitions Newsgroup 


Uk.rec.competitions or is the newsgroup where compers in the UK share masses of comping information and discuss different aspects of comping and life in general. This site will give you a flavour of what happens on the newsgroup. If you are interested in subscribing on a regular basis, you might prefer to download the newsgroup via your own mail or newsreader software, as messages will be more up to date and you have the option to read them ‘offline’ (i.e. without running up your telephone bill). With newsgroups in general, it is a good idea to watch and see what goes on for a while (known as ‘lurking’) before joining in – just to get the feel of the place, although hopefully you won’t want to stay lurking for long! You might also like to consult the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for the newsgroup which you can find at:


6 - Zoom 


Zoom ( usually has several competitions running. Many of the sites to which it links (Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop and lots of other Arcadia stores) also host regular competitions.


 7 - Virgin 


Virgin ( runs regular competitions on most of its channels, including travel, movies, music, shopping, games and days out. Each channel generally has at least one competition at any given time.


8 - Tombola


Tombola ( has several daily games to win varying amounts of cash – up to £5,000! 


9 - Roboform


Roboform ( - if you’re going to spend a lot of time entering competitions online, you’re going to end up filling out a LOT of forms. Fortunately, there is help at hand, and what is more it is completely free! Roboform works with Internet Explorer, Netscape and AOL browsers and is the best form filling software which I have tried. You will need to check that everything is correct, and may need to add information manually on occasion, but it will definitely save you hours of tedious form filling – which can of course be put to good use entering more comps! You can have up to eight different identities with the free version of Roboform, which is ideal if you like to enter comps on behalf of other family members.

10 - Google


Google ( is an internet search engine. If you need to find a general knowledge type answer to a competition, just open another browser window and let a  search engine do the hard work for you. There are plenty to choose from including Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Lycos and so on, everyone has their own favourite. Google is mine – it is simple, fast and turns out very accurate results, although you may need a little practice before you get used to the right keywords to use. Enter a couple of keywords, then use the ‘search within results’ feature if you need, to narrow down your search. You can also use the site to search for images on the web and past newsgroup postings too. Other uses for google include searching for your own name to see if you are on any winners lists (use the UK version of the site: and enter your name in inverted commas) and searching for new, possibly low entry competitions. For the latter, search using keywords such as ‘competition’, ‘win’, ‘prize’ etc – however be careful that you check out the closing dates and that they are valid for UK entrants. It is easy to come across something that appears to be current but closed months or even years ago.


I hope you have found these sites useful. More competition sites and other resources can be found at:

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