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Anything else... Paw substitute  Bark Barking mad Barking mad not to buy
Basket  Beak  Best friend’s choice  Bird 
Bowl  Breed’s content  Building  Cage 
Canine  Cat  Catisfaction  Champion
Champion chomping  Cheep  Chum’pion  Claws 
Coat  Collar the  Comes up to scratch  Content 
Contented tails  Den  Dog  Dogged devotion 
Dog-gone tasty  Dogmatic choice E’fish’ent feeding  Essential 
Every day keeps the vet at bay  Feathers  Feline  Feline friendly 
Fly  Flutter  Firm  Fit 
Fun  Fur  Game  Glossy 
Goodness to goggle at  Good companions  Growl  Growling to growing 
Hair  Healthy  Healthy perch’aces  His master’s choice, his best friend’s Chum 
Horse sense  Howl  Hutch  Keep fins happy 
Kennel  Kitten  Kitty  Knock out for boxers 
Lead (ing)  Lead to  Litter  Meaty 
Meow  Meow it can be revealed  Meow it can be told  Mouse 
My PAL  No bones of contention  Nourishing  Nutritious 
One good tin leads to another  Pad  Paw / poor  Paws 
Paw start for a brilliant finish  Pedigree perfection  Perfumes purr-fumes  Pet 
Peticular pleasure Pounce  Prince  Pup 
Puppy  Purr  Purr content  Purr into (satisf)action 
Purring Rabbit Rover Scratch
Seed Sing Sleek Stops getting up everyone’s nose
Stray no more Stroke Supreme value Tails with happy endings
Tails of two kitties Take me to your lead The cat’s whiskers Thought for paws
Tiddles Tortoise what we know Twitter Up the creek without a poodle
Vet Vitamins Wag Wagging
Wagging wonderfuel Walk Wet-nosed Whiskers
Woof Wuff welcome

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Best / rest / test / zest / quest / nest / pest  Boss / gloss 
Bounce / ounce  Care / compare 
Crunch / munch / bunch  Feline / beeline 
Fish / wish / dish  Flavour / saver / waver / savour 
Flourishing / nourishing  Purr / her / fur 
Pet / get / set / bet  Selection / affection / perfection 
Supreme / dream / team  Wag / bag / tag 
Without doubt / inside out  

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Cat tiebreakers Dog tiebreakers
Mellow Bird's is a mild improvement because... 
I now view each day with a sip, sip hooray 
Bird's programmes my senses - Kwik Save's vision channels my pences 
When Bird's rule the roost, there's peace in the nest 
I suggest the following as the new name for the Duracell 'Run The Bunny' game… 
Rabitting On 
Bunny on the Run 
Superbun Run 
Rabbit Warren 
Revenge of the Electric Bunny 
Rhythmical Rabbit 
The Current Run-Ny 
Run Rabbit Run 
Bunny's Warren Mania 
The Pink Panther 
When I saw this fabulous prize I could hardly believe my eyes, I said with a grin, I hope I can win,
‘Cause it’s buses and feet otherwise
‘Cos with Whiskas and Chum I’m streetwise!
‘Don’t we all’ came a thousand replies
‘Me too’ woofs scamp and she sighs
And a harness for sabre devise!
And go on a spin pedalwise
And have all my friends drooling with sighs
And I’ll cut down Chris Boardman to size
And make molehills from mountainous thighs!
And prove mystic mog’s predictions aren’t lies!
As cycling will my paunch minimise
As my frame is in need of disguise!
As the priest needs to ‘exorcise’
As with my best gear it will synchronize
Because dog sleds on roads are unwise!
But a cat on a bike! Is that wise?
But I hope it can cope with my size!
Cause I’d like to get fit, ‘fore I dies!
Cause my scales say I’m still on the rise
Cause my skateboarding petrifies!
Cos I ain’t got a licence to drive
Cos my pushbike description defies!
Cos that really is free – enter - prize
For ‘er indoors (I’m the dog, but I ventriloquize)
For my son who can’t ride, but he tries!
From the store which excels in good buys
Hail ‘velo’ well met I surmise
I can’t celebrate otherwise
I have Whiskas enough for nine lives
I was positively breathalysed!
I’d ‘feel good’ Mr Clarke, no surprise!
I’ll do wheelies - cloud nine in the skies
I’m becoming pedestrianized!
It’ll go with my luminous ties!
Just till the paint on my private jet dries
Less petrol less fumes very wise
My bus fares to minimalize
My old bike has no saddle - surprize!
So I can re-cycle my cans with my prize
Then to petrol I’d wave my goodbyes
This ‘wheelie’ unique merchandise
This cat-a-lick it converted that flies
This could mean my Skoda’s demise
Though at ninety it might be unwise
To help cut pollution is wise
To maintain my pedigree size!
To outrun my cat, 2 dogs and 3 wives!
I buy my pet food at Somerfield because…
It's the cat' s whiskers and dog's dinner
I would like to explore the underwater world of the Florida keys because…
Hagen's Littlest Mermaid I may never be, but would be Total-y at home at the bottom of the sea
I buy Freedom Food products because… 
The food tastes better and I am helping to stop farm animals suffering 
Kindness and comfort, all cruelty removed, ensures a quality of product that cannot be improved 
I regard animal welfare as very important and I am assured of eating safe products 
Because I don't like people being cruel to animals 
Choosing the label is my guarantee, I am supporting a chain which is cruelty free 
Treating animals fairly is as important to me as healthy eating is for my family 
Happy animals produce healthy food 
I love animals and want all creatures to have a good quality of life 
The animals have had a good life and the food is free from additives 
Hens can cluck and spread their wings, piglets root and dig for things 
I care about animals and trust the RSPCA to safeguard all aspects of their welfare 
Animal welfare is important and monitoring by the RSPCA safeguards their care 
A conscience clear's worth an extra few pence, supporting this scheme simply makes sense 
Now I know that an animal does not suffer in its life to feed me 
You don't have to be a vegetarian to care about animal welfare 
Animal welfare is Freedom
It's quality food that guarantees quality of life.
Freedom from suffering, Freedom from pain, Freedom from food farmed with shame
The product comes from animals that have been raised in a stress-free way
I like to feel contented - shouldn't everyone?
Freedom from cruelty, standards are high, making Tesco the place to buy
Tesco's role as ethical pioneer, gives me quality food and a conscience clear
Farm creatures great and small, deserve good treatment like us all
Animals live a happier life - when they have these Freedoms Five
I like to think that the animals I eat have been looked after without cruelty
My family can enjoy their food knowing that the animals have enjoyed their life
At Tesco, the Freedom Food label, means healthy farm animals are fact not fabl
I fully support the move away from factory farming and offering better quality of life
I can then eat meat with a clearer conscience
The RSPCA prioritise animal welfare, so they stringently monitor standards of care
Though we can't change human nature, at least Tesco treats nature humane
With Freedom Food on the label, I'm assured quality food on the table
Animals deserve a good life too
In theory, it could save our bacon!
The happiness of the animals is as important as the happiness of the customers
I can't bear the thought of birds and animals in pain or discomfort
Five Freedoms guaranteed by the label, ensures high standards of food on my table
I like to support the fight against cruelty to animals
Everyone deserves the right to Freedom
I'm free to do so
Quality farming means quality of life for everyone.
The RSPCA make us all think about animals and their welfare in farming
When animal welfare passes every stringent test, the resulting products are definitely the best
The Five Freedoms make animals happy, which gives me good food and makes me happy
Because, because, because, because, because.. of the wonderful things the RSPCA does
To prove my commitment to animal welfare, every purchase shows I care
A caring commitment for every animal's need, ensures high standards of excellence are always achieved
I have faith that Tesco and the RSPCA will bring food to be table the ethical way
I believe animals deserve no less than we would give ourselves - we depend on them
The quality of life is reflected in the quality of the meat.
Although I eat meat, I want the animals to have the RSPCA Five Freedoms
We are what we eat, and so are the animals
Animals have an inherent right not to be subjected to torture and experimentation
We must take time to care, 'cause there's not much time to spare
For my family and myself, RSPCA stands for 'Really Special People Caring for Animals'
Animal welfare, excellent store, freedom from cruelty, let's have more
We want the best welfare for animals, the environment and ourselves
Best behaviour for man and beast, assures quality care and food that's a treat
Animals deserve compassion, after all, without them our diets and nutrition would fall
Sanity in farming is not harming
When farm producers show them care, they spread happiness everywhere
The rights to be free lead to quality
It looks good and tastes good
In quality and care with Tesco they share, a commitment to customer and animal welfare
Like Tesco, I care about animal welfare
I get five times the quality, value added!
I care about the welfare of animals and also particularly about the foods I eat
Farm produced, reared as nature intended - is cruelty free and tastes just splendid
The animals have a better quality of life and no growth hormones - great!
The rearing of animals is extremely humane, and buying these products, ensures standards maintain
I love the Freedom Food guarantee - naturally nutritious and cruelty free
Even my vegetarian daughter does not mind me buying them
I get independence for my dependants
Reared safely and healthily with freedom of pain, no cruelty to animals, just consumer gain
I respect all creatures great and small. A good deal inside allows me to carve with pride
I believe in working together to make the world a happier place
Freedom from pain and fear guarantee - happy, healthy and animals grazing free
It promotes the respect, safety, protection and comfort of animals, thus ensuring superior care overall
Guaranteed goodness, fresh and tender, trusted suppliers - no contender
For farm animals treated with care, I can be sure of Tesco's fare
I am concerned for life and liberty and the right relationship between people and animals
It's natural food produced in a natural environment
There's space to run, spread wings and hoof, Freedom Food is cruel - proof
They keep me bright and beautiful whilst caring for all creatures great and small
It's obvious why Freedom Foods entice, distress free and Tesco price
Quality high, prices low, Tesco is the place to go
The animals have been treated with the respect they morally deserve
Livestock reared the Freedom way, simply proves that prime does pay
Thanks to Freedom Food, we fare well and animal welfare is assured
Freedom Food means freedom to choose
To make sure that the food I am buying is produced from animals that are cared for
The range is good, prices are good and the commitment and awareness are brilliant
The animals and birds live as nature intended, the proof is in the taste and look
I can be sure that no animal has suffered unduly for my consumption
Animals deserve to live a decent life as much as we do
Stick to the Five Freedoms to the letter, your roast on Sunday will taste a lot better
They are one step closer to an ideal world
Animals deserve to be cared for and enjoy a good quality of life, however short
Animals have feelings the same as us, so they shouldn't suffer any discomfort
They release animals from pain in the food chain
Freedom from pain whatever event - animal welfare breeds content
Freedom Food on the label, is the kindest way to the dining table
Unique and tasty fare to eat - with welfare standards that can't be beat
When I eat meat I really care, that the RSPCA monitors animal welfare
Higher standards and healthier fare, show Freedom Foods' commitment and care
Large or small, my farmyard friends, deserve my little extra spends
Freedom come, captivity go, Freedom say yes, we are all a go-go for Freedom Foods
Perfectly produced with 'welfare' in mind, every Freedom Food is a gourmet's find
Freedom Food guarantees the highest standard invented, leaving palates and animals contented
Reared wild and free, bringing goodness home to me
Didn't like chickens in battery pens and don't like calves being kept caged and bled
Because I believe that animals should be able to live and die with dignity
I know Freedom Food is healthy, while Tesco's prices keep me wealthy
Freedom means no distress, pain, injury, fear, thirst or hunger
Its simply the best and beats all the rest
Buying other brands can be a lotto, respect animals is Freedom Foods motto
RSPCA protect and respect, animal freedom from neglect
You don't have to be vegetarian to care
I care about animal welfare in this very cruel world
I trust both RSPCA and Tesco to provide me with the freshest and best available, every day
Animals deserve the freedom to enjoy comfortable and carefree life
Animals have the right to be safe, healthy and happy under the care of humans
I can be sure animals raised for food have a happy, stress-free life
All animals deserve some quality of life and care while they are alive
We love animals and believe they have rights to humane conditions
It shows that I care for animal welfare
Freedom Foods on the label, guarantees healthy food for my table
I believe in the Five Freedoms for every living creature
Speaking as an animal lover, I wouldn't trust any other
Unrestrained animals - a pleasure to see, plus exceptional value - yes, that'll do me
I get five of the best, being selective I do the best
Their prime consideration, from conception to production is for high welfare in every location
Freedom Food on the label, means healthy food on the table
The Freedom Food label tells me extra care, has been given toward farm animal welfare
High levels of welfare help animals thrive, they give better products, lead happier lives
I've 'Freedom' from guilt forever more, to eat a natural diet as an omnivore
I believe animals should have a good life and a stress-free natural death
Quality products and cruelty free, Freedom Foods - the first choice for me
Freedom Foods favoured by my family, for animals in freedom lie happily
As a Christian, I respect God's creatures and I am so glad something is being done
I never have any reservation, with the Freedom Food certification
The RSPCA keeps standards alive, guaranteeing quality with their Freedom Five
Freedom 'yes', cruelty 'never' - veggie days are gone forever
I choose labeled products with certainty, stamped with the RSPCA authority
Tesco's committed and so am I, to animal welfare remaining high
The animal kingdom shares our earth, we must honour their freedom, respect their worth
With monitored standards and commitment to care, this label of quality guarantees life is fair
I am very happy buying it for my meat eating family although I have been vegetarian for eleven years
Pigs still wallow and hen's still scratch, knowing they're raised on a Freedom patch
By doing so we can enjoy a varied diet whilst still actively supporting better animal welfare
We are carnivores with a conscience when we buy Freedom Foods
I truly care about animal welfare
I like meat but I also like animals and Freedom Food gives me a clearer conscience
With the RSPCA monitoring the animal's welfare, I know the animals have fared well
It's better to rear in freedom - not fear
The RSPCA and Tesco care about animal welfare and ensure the Five Freedoms for animals
Producers are monitored, standards are high, this customer's confidence to buy
I know that the animal has had a short life, but a happy one
Cruelty free is the only meat for me
Intensive farming is so inhumane, I buy Freedom Foods to support their campaign
I feel happier and healthier for eating animals that have been treated with respect

For the best buys, buy Freedom

I contentedly eat, the best cared for foods I could meat!
Pets are for life and they deserve the best life that we can offer - Freedom
Knowing me, knowing you - I can't get no satisfaction anywhere else
Freedom Food on the label, guarantees quality on the table
I care about how my meal made it to my table
I have a great love and respect for all creatures
Farm animals don't get the choice - but I do!
I'm interested in both my well-being and the animals' well-being
It's not only good for me, it is good for the animals
Quality of life is a right for all, Freedom Foods protect animals great and small
High standards from people who care, looking after our animals' welfare
An animal's need, must come before human's greed!
These are farmers who keep in mind, that we like those who are most kind
Remarkable standards, pleasing care, altogether they ensure superior chosen offerings!
Space, not confinement, dignity, not distress, food with Freedom at its best
The animals are reared OK - being monitored by the RSPCA
What's good for animals, is good for me, all living our lives more healthily
I too like to treat my 'little animals' kindly
Animals in a happy stress-free state, put that old-time flavour on the plate
It's the label we can all trust
Animal welfare is always at the top of my shopping list.
I believe in Freedom's Five, for all animals when alive
Knowing the animals have someone on their side - allowing them freedom during their natural life
These wonderful products have no guilt attached, re animals' welfare and ways they're despatched
Freedom Food products are my guarantee, that mouth-watering mealtimes are cruelty free
When animal's welfare and care is a must, Tesco Freedom Food products I trust
Food produced the Freedom way, proves that care and welfare pay
I buy my Pal or Kitekat at Somerfield because...
It's balanced, nutritious, with value that's fair, from Pedigree and Somerfield, the people who care
It's where the quality soars and prices dive, with tasty goodness on which pets thrive
Meaty chunks, tasty jelly, happy pets, full belly, good value, freshness sealed, only at Somerfield
Wide variety, superbly presented, leaves pockets pleased and pets contented
With quality, teamwork and healthy selection, they're the Millennium champions of feeding purrfection
Insuring a pet makes good sense because…
Caring owners ensure and agree, only complete protection for their precious 'pedigree'
Em-barking on cover will pay the bill, when pre-fur-ed companions are injured or ill
For peace of mind when pets are poorly, insurance plus Whiskas is common sense surely
If Fido should ever break a leg, we need never 'sit up and beg'
It keeps on protecting beloved pets, from high bills at the vets
Much loved puss, independent and brave, insurance means less fuss and money I could save
My beautiful cat means the world to me, and now she's insured I'm worry-free
My cat gives me love and affection, so I give him health care protection
My pet offers love and affection, insurance offers lifetime protection
Pets deserve quality care, with Whiskas and insurance you'll never despair
Pets give you love and trust, so protecting their health is an absolute must
Safeguarding their health is what you should do, for love and devotion given to you
The best things in life are 'three', my pets, my vets and my policy!
Veterinary services secured in a flash, keep pets healthy and save you cash
Whatever the 'picture' - broken leg, nasty rash, they receive veterinary attention, quick as a 'flash'
When pets mean so much to me, the sense of insurance is plain to see
When things go 'wuff or 'cat'astrophes arise, peace of mind is what insurance buys
When wags become whimpers or the purring's subsided, no extra worries - treatment's provided

With premiums paid the treatment's free - I just provide the TLC

My pet enjoys Techni-cal because…
For tasty nutrition and tip top condition, techni-cal-y there's no competition
I think the brand name Eukanuba means…
Excellence, Unrivalled, Known to be Appetising, Nutritious, Unique But Affordable
My local Leo's store is a winner because...
'Chunky' price cuts ensure I get, extra goodies for family and pet
'Felixable' prices, quality guaranteed, the winning combination to succeed
A Chunky share of quality, puts Leo's way ahead for me
Besides value and service, they leave change for my 'kitty'
Choice value, it's supreme, Felix and Leo's a winning team
Choices are good, price is right, my dog reckons them Chunky bright
Em-barking on aiming to please, purr-fect service value win with ease
For choice, value and much more, it's my pet favourite store
For price, quality and choice - it's the cats whiskers
For purrfect service, bargains and value for money, Leo's wins'
For quality, value and customer care, Leo's is purrfectly beyond compare
Freshness, quality, more for my money, nappies to plasters, Felix to honey
Friendliness, quality, value and so much more, go hand in paw
Gold quality and value, leaves more silver and bronze in my pocket
Great value, convenient, with offers galore, Leo's is definitely my 'pet' store!
I Felix good value all around, and less 'Chunky' in the pound
I never 'paws' for thought or doubt the quality of goods bought
In my jungle for value and service, Leo's is the king
It stocks Felix, which alone is cat food of the highest quality
It's first for service, first for value and first for customer care
It's my 'pet' store with value galore
It's purrfect on price and the foods real nice
It's the store discerning mogs select, value, choice, service - purr- fect!
Its a 'purr'fect' pet stop, value galore at Leo's shop
Leo's low prices and quality goods, feeds our doggy and large brood
Leo's plus Chunky, a simple equation, quals quality across the nation
Leo's put the shopper first - great products, good value, a contented 'plur-se'
Leo's value definitely best, even passes paws by pets
Like 'Felix' and 'Chunky', it takes first prize for presentation, price, popularity
My basket holds the lions share, Quakers Felix, Chunky and quality fare
My cat gets Felix, I get the cream
My pets love the quality, I love the prices
No need to paws for thought, super value on everything bought
Pup and kitten both agree, Leo's store has quality
Quality to the fore, bargains galore, only 'walkies' to my pet store!
Quality, choice, more for less - make this store an unrivalled success
They don't pussyfoot around, best for value that I've found
The produce is carefully selected, super value is just waiting to be collected
They knock chunks off the price of my Felix's food!
Tops for variety and price, cats love Felix - gone in a trice
Value abounds - make tracks for Leo's, get your paws on Felix now
With cats and dogs, Leo's reigns, quality, range and prices - everyone gains
With first class quality its purrfect for all my shopping
With good quality' and value fair, it makes our pussy purr'
With quality and value guaranteed, I vote my Leo's 'Best of Breed'
With quality, good value and selection I've got my paws on perfection

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