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Complete my case Cut corners but never miss a turn Find every nook for granny Friendly face in a foreign place
Globe trotters friend Guide to page anywhere Guide to resort to I rest my case
Know where to go Lowdown on the high spots Narrows the search to broaden the mind Never lead you astray
Never misguided New routes simply unfold before me Packed with Passport to
Perfect companion Put the knowing into going Salt and pepper for unseasoned travellers Saves the task of having to ask
Site better off Small but perfectly informed Take the wondering out of wandering Tell my ‘Grasse’ from my ‘Elba’
The must for wanderlust Ticket to ride Travel with the prose, avoid the cons They put you on the spot
Unfold with the countryside When you gotta go, you gotta know Where would I be without them Without ~ I’m a stranger in paradise
Wordly wise

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Annual / manual Concise / price
East / least / feast Information / exploration / vacation
Land / on hand / grand Tips / trips / dips / grips / lips
West / best

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A Berlitz Pocket Guide and Phrase Book are the ideal companions for fun and freedom holidays because…
I’ve got the guide, I know the phrases, thanks to Berlitz  I’m going places
For cab hire in Rio, street hire in Rome, pocket your Berlitz before leaving home
For minimum packing and maximum fun, this pocket sized duo are second to none
Berlitz to translate and show me around ensures my Fiat won’t touch the ground
I pack my Essentials when I travel because ...
Without them I'd be a stranger in paradise
Information's first rate - the globe-trotters best mate
They're the guides I can `page' anywhere
To be `franc' I'd be `inseine' without them
They're as worldly as Whicker
They're pocket size and worldly wise
I'm all dressed up and know where to go
They save the task of having to ask
I'm a sight worse off without it
E.T. subscribers never need to phone home
They're stylish, new, with a honest review
Alas! I know a man who didn't
I may be headstrong, but never misguided
Travelling with the pros, avoid the cons
They ain't heavy, they're my cover
They are a must for wanderlust
Travel's a breeze with more expertease
For information - in a nut-shell, they've cracked it
Otherwise I'd go Caracas
Look what happened to The Swiss Family Robinson
I don't want to stay in half-bored
It shows `steppes' in the `write' direction
They're salt and pepper to an unseasoned traveler
They are the LEDOR'S in essential information
They put the knowing into going
For migration annual, my essential manual
They prevent holidays from becoming `folly' days
Egypt, Toronto, you find what you want to
A.A. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink, Say no more
They're super-travel-fragessentail-expert-AA-docious
To otherwise embark is stepping in the dark
Continent to cloister, the world is your oyster
I might take the route Mark Thatcher took
They give me the prose and no con
It narrows the search to broaden the mind
Essentials cover the important bits
They help me distinguish my `grasse' from my `Elba'
From Basingstoke to Saigon they're `sine qua non'
In my case it's best book forward
They're the ace in my pack
All wise men are guided by these stars
They find every nook for Granny
They take the wondering out of wandering
Extensive knowledge, handy advice, pictures attractive, format concise
The LEDOR of the pack uses the AA
When you've gotta go, you gotta know
Hong Kong to Bahamas it's my Judith Chalmers
Their advice extends to `Thai' up loose ends
They cut corners but never miss a turn
Essential enriches, Essential enthrals, Essential exploring, Essentially yours
Absolutely Ace - there I rest my case
I like to travel with an AA Essential Explorer because ...
It's a welcome edition to the family
I like to take AA World Travel Guides on holiday because…
Metropolis or mountain summit, AA's been there, seen it, done it!
I'll always keep `Avoid Motorway Holdups' in my car because ...
It's a blockbuster
Prevention is better than queuer
It jumps queues and breeds content
An A1 way to avoid M1 delay
I find jams boring in my Rolls
When visiting a European city, take a Thomas Cook Travellers guide and…
Put the knowing into going
Two weeks in Florida would be the perfect holiday for me and my family because…
We’d travel the state with our Fodor’s beside us, and relax in the style that First Choice provide us
The Which? Hotel guide is invaluable because…
A well-informed guest never takes second best
To be specific, the advice is terrific
For honest advice with no hard sell, Which? guides me to the right hotel
Romantic hotel with fantastic fella, thanks to Which? - signed Cinderella
Farmhouse, castle, cottage, hall, Which? Hotel Guide tried them all, Comfort, cuisine, parking space - Inn-valuable, I rest my case
Berlitz and the Magic of Italy are the best travel partners to Italy because…
Whether exploring Rome or the Tuscan scene, these Italian masters are the ultimate team.
From snowy North to heel and toe, they always know just where to go
Together they provide breathtaking delights, enchanting days and magic nights
Their expertise takes you by the hand, to embelish your stay in this wonderful land
Like the best Italian lovers, everything’s ‘magic’ between the covers
With a magical tour and Berlitz in hand, we’re sure to discover this romantic land
To explore in depth this lovely nation - they’re the ‘numero uno’ combination
With inside knowledge and helpful tips, they’re the ultimate experts in Italian trips
Rome and Venice come one step nearer, Berlitz guides worth every Lira
Together they make the most helpful team, - completely fulfilling that Italian dream
Used together, this expert pair, ensures a holiday beyond compare
When I need a Berlitz holiday guide book and phrase book I'll visit Dillons because…
Berlitz expertise, Dillons friendly faces, now I'm really going places
Holiday, visit or business meeting, Berlitz and Dillons value takes some beating
Berlitz puts the knowing into going, but Dillons puts the world at my feet
At Dillons I discovered, Berlitz has it covered, new cover flaps, with clever mini maps
When good advice is a must - Dillons and Berlitz are names to trust
I would like to go places with Bartholomew because…
A city to visit, a coastline to view, wherever you go, it's mapped out for you
I always travel with Berlitz because…
Experience shows wherever one's going, what's not Berlitz really isn't worth knowing
'Yen' for travelling? 'Mark' my word, 'cheque-ing' out others is 'franc-ly' absurd!
Pocket-sized with facts abundant, makes every other guide redundant!
There's nothing that Berlitz overlook, wherever I'm going, I go 'buy' the book
My best friend when I travel is an Insight Pocket Guide because…
It puts a friendly face on a foreign place
Insights information incites exploration
Together we can't be beaten
It's colourful concise and cheap at the price
It's my personal guide when travelling stateside
I take time out knowing Harrap have put time in
Enjoyable explorations, as Rarrap intends, comprehensive guides - my knowledgeable friends
Compact with fact and information - what a travellers inspiration.
A pocket guide is the best friend to 'resort' to
I get right to the core of the Big Apple
Intriguing sights, exciting trips, number one for travelling trips
It gives me the lowdown on the high spots
It gives me the main attraction plus more visual action
It saves the task of having to ask
An Insight Guide means a ticket to ride
Travelling East or West they're simply the best
Only Insight has twenty-twenty vision
From Greece to Grand Canyon the perfect companion
They're experts' perfection, the wise traveller's selection
Seven days in New York without Harrap makes one weak
From morning til night - you're helped with insight.
Maximum info minimum size Insight Guides are wordly wise
Its small but perfectly informed
Full of facts - not fiction - the perfect holiday addition
I'm always in the picture without being out of pocket
Grass roots or highway - its pleasantly planned my way
I tuck into it's advice, it tucks into my pocket
Some things only your best friend will tell you.
It will never let me down around the busiest town
Uptown or downtown it never ever lets me down
It’s small and compact with maximum impact
In an Insight Guide there's the why, how and where
It’s packed with information to ensure a great vacation
It's satisfaction - packed with colourful maps and helpful facts
Helpful features, small and large make every trip bon voyage
Insight ensures I never feel an outsider
Nothing hides from these pocket guides
Streetwise, pennywise, Insight supplies the smarter guys
Its pearls of wisdom never string you along
Before taking a 'stride' I consult my Insight Pocket Guide
It makes every trip an adventure; every arrival a homecoming
Instead of endless trudge I let Insight be the judge
It came - I saw - it 'Concorde' my heart
Packed with useful tips it makes adventures out of trips
There's help at hand in every land
Holiday visit or scheduled meeting, Pocket Guides take some beating
So simple to pack, keeps me on the right track
New York or Madrid - Harrap's Insight for under four quid
Travelling alone, travelling light, Insight Guides are - just right.
It leads me safely through the tourist maze
Rough Guides and Inter Rail are a formidable combination because…
Streetwise and pennywise, they satisfy the smarter guys
Whatever the longitude, they give you more latitude
For facts and tips nothing else can compare - this well know ‘Deux Sans Frontieres’!
They stoked up my fantasies, a head full of steam, a whistle stop adventure, a Rough Guide to my dreams
They’re the guiding force for my continental drift
Rough Guide in hand and ticket in pocket, I’ve the key to Europe and the means to unlock it
They provide unbeatable stimulation, motivation and liberation
For information and travel they’re first rate, the globetrotters best mate
Working together, each top of its class, exciting journeys one cannot surpass
The frontiers have opened, the time is right, the books are great and the pass is light
A Berlitz Pocket Guide and Phrase Book are ideal companions for fun and freedom because...
I’ve got the guide, I know the phrases, thanks to Berlitz I’m going places
For ‘Cab’ hire in ‘Rio’, street map in Rome, pocket your Berlitz before leaving home
For minimum packing and maximum fun, this pocket-sized duo are second to none
Berlitz to translate and show me around, ensures my Fiat won’t touch the ground
Fodor's Guide Books are the greatest travel companions because…
Fodor’s guides always know their place!
Great Days Out is the perfect travelling companion because…
Whichever day I choose, whichever path I tread, I can carry the info in my hand, instead of my head
There’s plenty of useful tips on handy loose-leaf pages, which feature inspiring day trips to entice me away for ages
Which places to visit? I just have to look. For a great day out - I go by the book
The secret of a good holiday is…
Great companions, exciting and new, if only BooksPlus made men too!
Berlitz and Supersnaps are the perfect holiday combination because…
One exposure made me a fan, now I snap UP Berlitz wherever I can

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