Kompers Korner

Hello, anyone out there like to join us?

You may have heard of us - Kompers Korner. We would like some new members and I am sure there are compers who might live near enough to consider joining us - or you might know of someone! We're the ones that run 'Big Brum' but our members come from various areas. Just to name a few - Rugby, Alcester, Bromsgrove, Halesowen, Oldbury, Northfield and Birmingham, of course. We also have our own website in order to exchange comps and messages.

We meet monthly, 8pm on the third Wednesday of each month, at The British Legion Northfield (same place as Big Brum but in the ladies room) We are fortunate enough to have a room of our own (with a fire!!) and we can pop into the main Legion Club building and buy ourselves drinks (boozy or coffee), crisps etc. It will cost you 50p per month which goes towards the cost of the room hire.

As well as the monthly meetings, we try, each year, to have a couple of social evenings e.g. Christmas meal, non-Christmas meal ;-)

Oh! I nearly forgot to tell you what we do in the comping line! Well, we bring as many ef's to the meeting as we can find, we bring a stamped postcard (for which we do a draw) and we also bring (optional) a 'qualifier' which costs no more than 2. This can be a store bought item that is a requirement to enter a competition or perhaps 2 worth of stamps and a few postcards or a Mag where the competition is by entry form only....... or indeed anything that is comp related and costs about 2. Then we do a draw for the qualifiers and first drawn gets first choice of not only the qualifiers but he/she gets first pick at the entry forms which are all laid out on the table - and we usually have a goodly lot!

We're a friendly bunch, mostly ladies, but we do have the pleasure of the company of two men as well! so if you are male, don't be shy - the existing two male members will vouch for their safety! We aim to support each other in our search for comps/efs. We take it in turn to declare our winnings, discuss internet comps and lots of other comping related topics.

If you are interested contact me (Rosemary Holtom) either by email: or telephone on 0121 628 1268.