Well they may be apt - but orginal they ain't ...

Whatever your feelings on chestnuts (the subject of many a lively debate amongst compers!), they crop up again and again in winners' lists. Whether you choose to use or abuse them is entirely up to you - here's a few examples:

A leader in its class, a formula one cannot surpass.
Action packed, full of taste, (product) meals mean no waste.
Choice, value, taste supreme, (product) and (store) a winning team.
Chosen with flair by people who care
Delicious to the lips, murder on the hips.
Even if you're a beginner you're sure to bake a winner.
Experts perfect it, connoisseurs select it
For flavour and style, it comes first by a mile
For shopping at leisure, (store) is always a pleasure
First for value, second to none and made to last.
Family lunch or gourmet dinner, (product) are a certain winner
Grandpa loved it, so did dad, now it's favourite with the lad
Heavenly bargains at down to earth prices
Having discovered perfection, why risk random selection
I get shopping perfection and price protection.
It's my favourite (product) reasonably priced, nutritious, delicious and already sliced
It's perfectly balanced, expertly blended and keeps me looking as nature intended
It's disc'inctive and exCD'ingly tasty
I can-a-letto myself buy another
It's thirst come, thirst served
It's in a glass of it's own
I always say hello to good buys
It ensures memories are seen and not blurred
I feel forty and naughty instead of fifty and thrifty
It's quality and flavour at a price to savour
It outshines the rest
It's a cut above the rest
It's wholesome, nutritious and tastes quite delicious
It gives a gastronomic thrill not an astronomic bill
It makes life richer for the pourer
It reigns when it pours
Its the pick of the crop at my favourite shop
Its quality fare at a price that's fair
Mans best blend
(Manufacturer/ store) on the label means value on the table
No waste, great taste, appetite teaser, pocket pleaser
Nothing added, nothing removed - nature's best can't be improved
One swallow makes a summer
One good churn deserves another
One is bottom on price, the other is priceless on bottoms
On reflection it's sheer perfection.
One part (place) two parts sun, stir in (product) pour out fun
(Product) is so good for you, if only (store/ manufacturer) made men too
(Product) and (store) reign supreme, setting standards seldom seen
(Product) delights me, (prize) excites me, hope (store) invites me
(Product) excellence, (store) flair, together they're the perfect pair
(Product) and (store) rose to fame by putting value behind the name
Prices are born here but raised elsewhere
Quality, taste and healthy nutrition, makes a (product) from (store) in the best tradition
Quality, taste, and nutrition, have always been (store) tradition
Romantic dinner or family invasion, top performer for every occasion
Seven days without it makes one weak
Spirits low, finances chronic, (prize) would be the perfect tonic
The cost is nominal, the savings phenomenal
Their range is extensive, but never expensive
To be specific - it tastes terrific
Top performers, second to none, (product) and (store) show how it's done
They're carefully balanced, expertly blended, to keep me looking as nature intended
They give sky high quality at down to earth prices
They're always a step ahead but a price rise behind
This money saver is full of flavour
The choice is tremendous, the savings stupendous
To lighten labour and lessen expense, shopping at (store) makes common sense
With quality so high, its my favourite buy
When quality and taste are a must, (product), and (store) are names to trust
When it comes to style, it wins by a mile
When put to the test, they outclass the rest
You get a good sight more for a good sight less
You get friendly hellos and many good buys

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