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I'm Head and Shoulders above the rest in my new Audi TT Coupe because…
Matchless performance superior style, just grooming marvellous mile after mile
I want to win two places on Wynn's Drive of Life because....
We're racetrack beginners, but driven to be Winner's
I want to win a Millionaire's Dream Prize because.......
The best things in life are three - Sainsbury's, Walkers and Audi TT
I am smart because...
I know Duck power guarantees smart results with experts ease
Focus delights me, a Smart car excites me, hope Henkel invites  me!
I would like to drive to Homebase with Hozelock and Honda because...
Love Hozelock reels and Homebase deals - got luscious lawns but need new wheels!
I would like to drive the MGTF 135 because...
It look sleek and lean in Harrods green and will drive you like a shot of adrenaline
I would like to win the new Jaguar S-TYPE R because…  
For autobahns and alpine bends, Harrods shopping at weekends, for every adventure you select, the Jaguar is just Purrfect  
I would like to drive the Hyundai 2.7 V6 Coupe because...

With outstanding performance and stunning looks from headlights to boot, this silver coupe will match my new Harrods suit 

I would like to win the Freelander Special because...
Like Harrods for value, perfection and style, the Freelander Special comes first by a mile!
I would like to win the Shogun Pinin five door because...
Gleaming like a sovereign, the glamorous golden Pinin, what better way to carry my bags of Harrods shoppin'?
I'd love a golden opportunity to win a new Rover 25 because:
Celebrate regally with car of class, spirit of the future, magic of past
Its like me uniquely nifty, without a flinch exceeding fifty    
If dreams contain our true desires, here is mine atop four tyres
First class cars second to none congratulations Rover you're number 1!
A matchless performance quality and style there for you mile after mile
Great British car, stunning design immense jubilation if one were mine
When the carnival is over, the flag flies on with every Rover
Superbly styled the 25, sends my senses into 'Roverdrive'
I'd love a golden opportunity to win a new Rover 25 because:
I could drive through our land with hope and glory!
I'd be a sassy lassie with a classy chassis  
Innovative quality, superb style, makes struggles with slogans extremely worthwhile 
Decades of huge bills and tears, first new car for fifty years 
Our jubilant family driving for miles, with mummys princesses travelling in style 
I live in 'hope' of 'landing some glory'! 
Britain’s best calls for celebration, top marques and pride in the nation 
Ace performer tops in style cruise in comfort mile after mile 
If that opportunity should strike - I could hang up my bike 
Lady in waiting seeks lifestyle swap, majestic motor for rainy bus-stop! 
My chauffeur wants one and he's pretty damned persuasive! 
Proudly driving hallmarked car of class, farewell banger that tractors can pass 
This car embodies the best of our nation, every drive a celebration 
Happy motoring for many years putting the Great into Britain - cheers!  
Buying the British hallmark of quality, I'll travel like the monarchy 
In patriotic red, white or blue, it's British through and through 
It's simple but true, no other car will do 
Peerless performance, impeccable style, means jubilation mile after mile! 
Quality assured, performs like a dream, best of British reigns supreme 
The open road I would rule experiencing this motoring jewel 
They knox spots off the rest and are one in a bullion 
Glittering carriage brings a cheer, the crowning glory of this Jubilee year 
Famous names, brilliant shine the magic's theirs, pleasure's mine 
City girls transport to a countryside, reigned over with so much pride 
In luxury - quality so reassuring, mundane motoring transforms into magnificent touring   
Marking fifty years under one ruler it's reigning cars hallelujah 
My Metro reigns, but it can't take many more anniversaries 
It looks regal and sophisticated, like I would driving it  
It will be another fifty years before I can afford one 
If you saw my clapped out rusty banger, you'd know why 
A Jubilee car for a Jubilee winner 
Modest my throne room may be, but I could tour with Your Majesty 
Loyal supporter of British made, needs a smart carriage for the parade 
Being so victorious would make me feel happy and glorious! 
To mark the Jubilee celebrations this great British marque crowns my elation 
Ruling the road, cruising of speed, the ultimate luxury I ever need 
I want to win a Mars Mini Cooper because...
My current car sulks and sags under Mars' weight in Sainsbury's bags
Mars bars keep my engine burning a Mini might help my three point turning
Spanning rock and roll to garage Mars-Mini and I make the perfect marriage
Its dark, smooth and goes like a rocket. I want its keys inside my pocket.
This ultimate Mini goes like the clappers just like Mars bars minus their wrappers
I like Mitsubishi 'Black Diamond' products because...
'Black Diamonds' are a girls best friend
Carapelli is the oil that fuels Italians because...
Delicious, nutritious, naturally appealing, it motorvates that healthy feeling
Healthy, nutritious and great to eat, Carapelli takes the driving seat
It's pure, golden goodness lets them thrive, giving spark, passion and drive
Fast, smooth and impeccable taste, Carapelli and Alfa, always first place
Italian apples are the perfect bit because...
Fiat'uring delicious flavour through to the core, Italy's finest at Co-op store
I deserve to win the JBL Van from Halfords because...
Every beauty needs her beast!

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